Upcoming Events

Hi everyone,
Just a few words about events that are coming up that may be of interest to your family.

Parents Meeting: Monday, August 25, 7 pm, Rutland Free Library. The meeting is held in the Lawrence Reading Room, which is downstairs near the reference desk. It’s open to the public, and we encourage new homeschoolers or anyone thinking of homeschooling to attend. It’s a chance to talk with other homeschool parents about any and all topics related to homeschooling! At this time, there isn’t a specific topic planned. We will probably discuss plans for our co-op, and we may have a visit from the library’s assistant director to talk with us about how the library can support area homeschoolers. Please join us!

Not-back-to-school picnic: date and time TBA, but this is in the planning stages. It will likely be held at a local playground where there are fields, playground equipment, picnic tables, space to run around, etc. and will be a fun opportunity to meet and hang out with other homeschoolers.

Field Trip to Fort Ticonderoga: Conveniently, Ft. Ti has already scheduled a “homeschoolers day”! It’s Friday, September 5, from 10-4. Check out their website for details. http://www.fortticonderoga.org/learn/students/homeschool

Montshire Museum fall homeschool day: Friday, September 12, from 10-3. The planned topic for the workshops is “insects”. Check out their website for details. http://www.montshire.org/programs/detail/homeschoolers-day-insects

I think that’s about all for now.