Geography Fair

Hi all,

The Geography Fair is being held at the Rutland Free Library on May 7, from 1:30 to 4, including some time for set up and breakdown.  We can accommodate at least 14 kids and possibly more.  The basic structure is that each child will have table space to set up whatever they want to present (tri-fold exhibit, etc.) about the country or region that they choose.  Most tables are approximately 5-6′ long, and each person will have half a table.

Each person chooses a country/region/culture, and creates some kind of presentation.  It would be great if they also had some kind of stamp or sticker that is relevant to their presentation, so we could stamp passports as they make their way around the world!  Costumes would be a great addition!  We are hoping to avoid overlap between countries, so commenting with your chosen countries is helpful.  So far, I know we have Greenland, Sweden, Italy, New Zealand, Philippines, and Mexico spoken for.

We plan to have some time set aside for each child to present (briefly) to the group (if they want to) because if they spend all the time visiting other exhibits, they won’t be there to answer questions or talk with others about their own work.  If they don’t want to present, that is ok, but they may want to wait to check out other exhibits until they’ve had time to interact with visitors to their own.

I think that covers most everything.  Please RSVP or comment to let us know you’re coming (we need to assign you a space!) and which country/region/culture you will be presenting!  Thank you.



Coming Up Soon

Hi all,

A few dates to put on the calendar:

April 6 is the date for our next parents meeting.  It will be at the Rutland Free Library at 7 pm, in the upstairs small meeting room.

May 7 is the date for the Geography Fair (which deserves its own post).  This will also be at the library, in the Fox Room.  We currently have tables enough to accommodate 12 kids, so please get in touch if you have children who are interested in participating.  So far I know that Italy, Sweden, Greenland, New Zealand, the Philippines, and Mexico will be featured.

For tomorrow’s co-op (March 26), Scott McCalla will be hosting the finance and stock market game session.  It will be approximately two hours in length.  Scott is asking that if you are planning to attend, that you please plan to stay for the entire time.  Kids should bring a calculator if they have or want one, and paper and pencil if they would like to take notes.

Please RSVP if you plan to attend the co-op by commenting below or sending me an email.  (a_hardingATcomcastDOTnet)

We’re hoping to continue the chess and game club but are looking for a space/time to do so.   Also, spring really is coming and we’ll be starting back up with park days on Wednesdays.  Stay tuned for announcements of when and where (though where is generally Meadow Street park in Rutland).

Co-op:: Geocaching

This week’s co-op will meet at Pine Hill Park in Rutland.  Please meet us at the entrance to the park at 1:30.  Also, if you plan to come, please leave a comment on this post.   This will serve as “signing up” for the time being!

At our co-op meeting we are going to explore the world of Geocaching by locating an existing geocache and then creating one of our very own!

What is geocaching? Geocaching is like a modern day treasure hunt. (This is a link to a short video.)

How does it work? People hide caches all over the world (there are more than 100 within Rutland alone) and then post the coordinates and clues on the Geocache website ( You then head out with a handheld gps (or a smartphone) and attempt to locate the cache. Once found, you sign the logbook and then leave a note on the website. Sometimes, there are small items in the cache, such as keychains, stickers, or little toys. Custom requires that if you take something from the cache you leave something of equal or greater value. That’s it!

In addition to finding a cache, we will be creating our very own. This will require us to find a good location, note the coordinates, develop a clue and apply to Once our cache is accepted, we will be able to monitor it, both physically and virtually. It would be great if the kids could spend some time thinking about what they want to contribute to the cache. Remember, it has to be small enough to fit in a rubbermaid container with the rest of them.

Materials: Good footwear; a couple of small trinkets if you want (one to leave in the found cache and one the contribute to our cache); if you have a handheld gps (no need to buy one for this); sense of adventure.

Resources: – if you are not already registered as a family, you may want to register ahead of time (it’s free!) so you can log your first cache, but is certainly not necessary. We will register as a group to log the cache we hide.

See you on Thursday!  (and don’t forget to “sign up”!)