Administrative Update

I have added a link in the sidebar to allow people to follow this website.  You can click on the follow button (at the end of the list of links, over there —> on the right) to receive email updates when new posts are added.  Hopefully this will be helpful, especially to people who are new to the group!


Co-op Info

In case we have any new readers here, I’d like to just give an update of where we are with our homeschool co-op.  We have done a lot of neat stuff this year and have plans for great things this spring!

So far, we’ve done geocaching (including searches and placing our own cache), a first aid and wilderness safety course, Aboriginal dot painting, cooperative games, a felting workshop, a class in electricity and renewable energy, board games, a class in astronomy, and developing our own business.  We ended up having to postpone creating an earth loom until spring, so that will be coming up before too long!

For those not sure about how our co-op is structured, you can check out what I wrote here, and get all the basics.  We are an inclusive, secular group.  We’re informal in the sense that we plan what we’re doing as a group, and it’s based on the kids’ interests.  This is not a co-op where we all provide lessons in “regular” areas of curricula such as math or language (unless the kids request that, but so far we haven’t had any of those requests).  We generally work as one group, not divided into age or grade categories.  We envisioned a sort of cooperative learning experience provided mostly by parents in the group, or willing children.  We hope that some of the kids will lead classes now and then!

The next co-op (March 26) will be about finance and the stock market.  Watch for an upcoming post with details, coming soon!

I am hoping to (finally!) be able to have the Earth Loom co-op on April 23.  It will be installed in Chittenden, and it does take a little longer for spring to reach there, so we’ll have to see if the ground thaws in time.  Stay tuned!

On May 7, we will be using the co-op time to have a Geography Fair.  Should be a lot of fun!

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments and I will do my best to answer.

Parents Meeting Recap and updates

Last night’s parents meeting was mostly a planning meeting for some upcoming field trips and events, but Randal Smathers (Assistant Director of the Rutland Free Library) visited our group to point us toward some under-utilized resources provided by the library. He also asked for our feedback and suggestions regarding how the library could support homeschoolers. One of the big goals of the library is to support education/literacy in the community, so they are eager to help our group. If you have any suggestions or requests, please make them known. Randal also distributed June Osowski’s cards so that we had her contact information also. She would like to make sure we know that she can be a resource, herself.

Most of the library’s online resources can be found here. Now that I think of it, I may ask if Randal would like to contribute a post for this website dedicated entirely to the library’s resources.

Regarding upcoming events…A trip to the Coolidge Estate is in the works for early/mid October. If you would like to attend, please let me know. We haven’t chosen a date, but will likely formalize this by or before the next parents meeting, which is September 15.

We also discussed plans to attend Castleton Arts Reach events.  There are some very interesting-looking performances scheduled, and if you’d like to be included in our reservation, please let me know.  You can find the performance schedule and descriptions if you click on the link in the sidebar to the right (or just above in the link text).  One of our group parents has a contact at Castleton that may facilitate our attendance.

I took a little closer look at the Fort Ticonderoga website, which indicated that anyone hoping to attend the homeschool day on September 5 should have a reservation.  Some families are handling this on their own, others are making a group reservation.  If you’d like to be included in the group reservation, please let me know ASAP.  I am expecting to hear back from their contact today and will give her the information as soon as I can.  At this time, there are 13 of us in my group, and two additional families handling things independently.

Co-op planning probably deserves its own post, so stay tuned for that a little later!

A little note about this website…I want to simplify things a little bit, and I feel like this is a better forum than the facebook group for keeping people informed, not least because there are lots of folks who don’t use facebook.  I also have my own little hangups about the facebook group.  So, I’m not going to post event notifications there anymore, most of the time.  I might post a reminder about a parent meeting or a park day, but not about field trips and co-op stuff.  Anyone reading this is welcome to share information there, as well as link to this website, it’s just not going to be me who does it.  One big reason for this is that I feel like I need to limit the amount of work I am doing to promote this stuff.  One website is probably enough work for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy this, but it is actually work and takes a bit of time, which we all know is limited.

With that said, this website is not just supposed to be my own ramblings.  It’s really for all of us.  Please make use of the commenting function to participate in planning and discussing things (and let us all know that you’re here).  It would be really helpful!  And please, share this website link with anyone you feel may benefit from it.  There are quite a few people that I know of whose email addresses I do not possess, and I really would like everyone in our community to know this is here and what we are doing to create and nurture a homeschool community in this area.    Lastly, if you are reading this, please let me know if it is ok to refer to you/your family members by name in this space, and if you are ok with the posting of photos including you and/or your family members.  In the event that this is ok, please also indicate if any text accompanying the photos should or should not identify you  by your first name.  Thank you!

Phew, that’s a lot for one post.  Feedback is most welcome, and thanks for reading!

Hey, fellow home study enthusiasts!

We’ve got a new way to keep in touch.  I’ll post info here to keep people apprised of upcoming events, co-op information, and anything else I can think of that will be helpful to area homeschoolers.  Right now, there’s just an event calendar over there on the right hand side.  If you’d like something added to it, send me an email!  (a_harding at comcast dot net)

Hope you like it!