VEEP Co-op Scheduled, game day reminder

Hi everyone.

Today is game day.  I hope you can join us at the Rutland Free Library (Fox Room) from 1-4 for board and card games.

We have scheduled another presentation from VEEP.  Laura is great with the kids and the programs have impressed us all.  This year, we are doing the workshop called “Button Up: Weatherization and Thermal Energy”.  The program is geared for kids in grades 6-12.  It will be ok for slightly younger kids to participate, but only if they have a parent willing to help them through the program.  This one is more intensive than previous programs Laura has offered.  It also has some great potential for follow up activities.  You can read a synopsis of the program here.  The program will be held at the Fox Room during our Tuesday scheduled time – 1-4 pm on Tuesday, November 1.  Please RSVP by commenting on this post.


2 thoughts on “VEEP Co-op Scheduled, game day reminder

  1. Bring board or card games that your kids like to play. We’ve seen chess, Settlers of Catan, Labyrinth, Magic, Munchkin, Monopoly, Forbidden Island, and lots of others I can’t remember at the moment.


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