Not Back to School

Hi all.

The “not back to school” picnic is going to be held on Thursday, September 1 at Echo Lake (Camp Plymouth State Park) in Ludlow.  The park opens at 10 am.  Our family will plan to be there most of the day, probably until about 3 pm, but likely will arrive around 10:30 or a little later.  Please see link for park information.  It would be great to know who is coming, so use comments to RSVP if you can.

Also, there is a woman who teaches art classes who would like to offer them in the Rutland area.  I believe she could offer a monthly class to our group if enough people were interested.  Originally, Lisa was going to host these classes in her home in Wallingford but has decided against that.  I would be willing to use one of our Tuesday Fox Room reservations to host this class if other people are on board with the idea.  That would still leave us plenty of time for game days and co-op offerings.  Here is a link to her website for more information.  Please use the comments section to let us know if you are interested in a monthly art class.

Still no word from Castleton about their Arts Reach offerings for this year.  And sadly, my attempt to set up a field trip at Ann Clark (the cookie cutter people) failed.  They are evidently not set up for group tours.  Too bad, I thought seeing how they made cookie cutters would be pretty cool.

Does anyone have any thoughts about parent meetings?

That’s all for now.  Hope to see you at the lake next week and at our first Game Day at the library on September 6!



4 thoughts on “Not Back to School

  1. We are so excited to join you for the not back to school picnic! There will be three of us in all.
    Also, we would love to participate in the art classes. We reviewed her website and it looks like a wonderful opportunity.
    Thanks for all of your work to get us all together!


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