Anybody thinking about upcoming year?

Hi all,

I don’t know about you, but I’m starting to think about some homeschool activity for this year, even though it’s still pretty early in August.  With that in mind, I reserved the Fox Room on Tuesday afternoons again, and this year we have it every week!  So, our tentative plan is to alternate Game Days with co-op/educational opportunities or presentations when people want to offer them.  So put Tuesday afternoons from 1-4 on your calendar, beginning September 6.  Hope to see you there.  The first one will definitely be a Game Day. Bring board or card games with you.  Kids of all ages will be there.  Some parents will probably hang out too.

We haven’t made a plan for Parent Meetings at this time.  They were not well attended last  year, and I have a lot on my plate.   I’m willing to set them up for this year, and I’d plan to attend if others want to have them, but at the moment I don’t see a lot of demand for them.  If you want to have these meetings, please speak up (via comment or email) asap.

I have been in touch with a few places about field trips.  Is anyone interested in attending a field trip to the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum for the following program?

Digging, Diving and Documenting: The Process of Nautical Archaeology  Discover Lake Champlain’s rich legacy of shipwrecks and the evolving strategies to preserve, document and manage them. In this hands-on multi-disciplinary program, students learn about the techniques and challenges of documenting underwater sites, and discover the importance of artifact location on board the gunboat Philadelphia II. Learn about the equipment used in underwater exploration and the techniques used in our laboratory to conserve artifacts removed from the lake. Students will “dive” in and become underwater archaeologists while documenting a “shipwreck”. This program recreates the process of nautical archaeology as realistically as can be done without going underwater.

If you are interested, please comment or email me.  This trip is geared towards kids in grades 4+.  There is a fee involved, which is $5 per child.  I believe adults would also have to pay $5, and the program lasts 2.5 hours.  I have not scheduled a date at this time, but will as soon as I have an idea of how many participants would be involved.  This would very likely take place on a Thursday, if that helps.

We would like to set up a “not back to school” picnic at a state park/lake (Maybe Echo).  A date has not been selected, but speak up if you’d like to participate.

I have been watching Castleton’s website for news of their Arts Reach offerings, but nothing has been updated for this year.  I will continue to check on that and will make arrangements for our group again this year if people are interested.

Lastly, there have to be new homeschoolers out there in this area.  If you know of people just starting out who are looking for information or ways to meet other homeschoolers, please point them to this website and feel free to forward emails I send you.  No need to ask me – I am happy to support and include new homeschoolers and get more people involved in our little community.

That’s all for now.  Except this one last thought…I am not “in charge” of this group.  If you want an active homeschool community, please feel free to jump in at any time with ideas or just set something up and invite people.  I keep hearing of people wanting to know if this group “still exists” or if “they are doing anything” (meaning us!) and I don’t really understand where this concept comes from.  Nothing in a community happens without the active participation of a number of people.  We’d love to have your participation!  It’s not *my* group, it’s *ours*, so please don’t hesitate to speak up, plan something, invite people, spread the word, ask for help, whatever it is you want to see happen.  And if you want it put on the website, just email me.  The website wasn’t updated a lot last year, and that is partially because nobody asked me to put anything on it.  I’m more than happy to use this web presence to publicize what I can, so let me know what you want put on it!  Thanks!  I’m looking forward to a fun year with a great group of homeschoolers!


3 thoughts on “Anybody thinking about upcoming year?

  1. Thanks Amanda for updating this website and for securing the fox room.

    We would Live to join you for the field trip to the Maritime Museum. It sounds very interesting!

    How about we do our “not back to school picnic” on the first day of school? I believe the day is August 31 and it’s a Wednesday.


  2. Amanda,
    Thank you for continuing this website. My hope is to participate more with the group this year so please let me know if you need any assistance. We would love to join you for the field trip and a “not back to school picnic”.


  3. we would like to join you on the not back to school picnic . do you know where and a time yet ? potluck ? or fend for yourself type ? we are a one car family so hoping that we can get to you all by bus would be great .


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