October update

Hi Everyone,

Reminders for October:

The parents meeting is October 19 at 7 pm in the upstairs small meeting room at the Rutland Free Library.

This Tuesday (tomorrow) at 1 pm, we are having a game day in the Fox Room at the Library.  Please join us, and bring your favorite board or card games.  We would love to know if you’re coming, so RSVP by comment or email.

October’s co-op date has been changed to October 20, and is tentatively going to be a hands-on presentation by VEEP on “Modeling Climate Science“.  You can get some introductory information here.  Please RSVP by comment or email if you plan to attend.

Thursdays are still park days at Meadow Street.  Generally, people are there from 12-2.

Lisa has arranged a field trip to the Wallingford Forge on October 28, Wednesday, at 2 pm.  Please RSVP by comment or email if you would like to attend.  Thank you, Lisa!


4 thoughts on “October update

  1. Hi, I hope this is the correct email to respond. We would like to attend the “Modeling Climate Science” event. What is the cost and where will it be held? Thank you, Anganette May


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