Coming Up Soon

Hi all,

A few dates to put on the calendar:

April 6 is the date for our next parents meeting.  It will be at the Rutland Free Library at 7 pm, in the upstairs small meeting room.

May 7 is the date for the Geography Fair (which deserves its own post).  This will also be at the library, in the Fox Room.  We currently have tables enough to accommodate 12 kids, so please get in touch if you have children who are interested in participating.  So far I know that Italy, Sweden, Greenland, New Zealand, the Philippines, and Mexico will be featured.

For tomorrow’s co-op (March 26), Scott McCalla will be hosting the finance and stock market game session.  It will be approximately two hours in length.  Scott is asking that if you are planning to attend, that you please plan to stay for the entire time.  Kids should bring a calculator if they have or want one, and paper and pencil if they would like to take notes.

Please RSVP if you plan to attend the co-op by commenting below or sending me an email.  (a_hardingATcomcastDOTnet)

We’re hoping to continue the chess and game club but are looking for a space/time to do so.   Also, spring really is coming and we’ll be starting back up with park days on Wednesdays.  Stay tuned for announcements of when and where (though where is generally Meadow Street park in Rutland).


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