Radio Silence…

Been a little negligent here lately, sorry ’bout that!  Here’s a quick update and some info about local homeschool happenings.

Art class:  Jen of Hands On- Minds On/Rutland Recreation is leading a 5 week session of art classes for homeschoolers.  While it’s too late to join this class, it’s very likely another session will take place after this one, so stay tuned here or on facebook, or the recreation website closer to the beginning of April to see if it will continue.

Chess/Game club:  On Wednesdays, from 11 am to 1 pm, a group of homeschoolers is meeting at the Courcelle Building (home of Rutland Recreation) to play chess and possibly other games.  It’s free to join, but we will be doing some sort of volunteer service to pay back the Rec’s generosity.

Co-op:  Every other Thursday (this is an “on” week) we are meeting for various activites, mostly at the Rutland Free Library while we are still focused on indoor pursuits.  This week will be a continuation of the “starting a business” co-op, and kids will work with partners on the aspects of starting a business they chose last week.  We can still accommodate other kids if they are interested.

Rock Climbing:  people are still meeting at the rock climbing gym, generally as soon as it opens (before it gets busy) on Tuesday afternoons.  Anyone is welcome to join them.

Parents Meetings:  meetings are monthly, and take place on Monday nights in the small upstairs meeting room at the Rutland Free Library.  Our next meeting will be in April.  We discuss all sorts of homeschool-related topics, and also sometimes do some co-op or field trip planning.  New or prospective homeschoolers are encouraged to attend!

I think that is about all for now!  Thanks for reading.



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