Early November updates, reminders

Hi everyone,

Some reminders up first!  The next Parents Meeting will be held in the Lawrence Reading Room of the RFL on Monday, November 10 at 7 pm.  No agenda, but we do plan on some conversation around how everyone is doing so far this season.

Co-op this week will be held at the RFL also.  We just don’t want to spend an entire day building the beautiful earth loom in the rain!  I really hope we can get it in before the ground freezes.  Please confirm if you’re coming, either by commenting here or by emailing me  (a_hardingATcomcastDOTnet).  We are planning to do some kind of art project and some cooperative games/dramatic exercises also.

I am holding out hope that the next co-op will be the earth loom!  Fingers crossed!  We should have a backup plan, just in case, so if anyone has an idea or something they would like to lead, please let me know!


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