Co-op:: Earth Loom


Please join us to build our first ever “Earth Loom“!  This co-op will take place Thursday, October 23, at 1:30 pm, at Bonny and Reid’s home at  19 Holden Rd., North Chittenden.   In the event of rain, we’ll have to reschedule to a future date.

The theme for our Earth Loom is “For the Birds“!  First, we will build a strong frame and plant it in the ground as a sturdy structure on which to weave a masterpiece.  Next, we will learn to warp the loom (putting on vertical threads) and finally, we will weave a work of art with a special emphasis on our feathered friends.  Please bring anything you would like to weave into our project, but keep in mind it has to be safe for birds and also a natural material so that nothing harmful will be released into the environment as it starts to decompose.

Reid and Bonny enjoy all the amazing birds that visit their backyard and think that this loom will be a great resting and possibly feeding spot for our feathered friends this winter.  Maybe you will want to string some popcorn or berries, or bring a pretty dried flower or wild grass that has caught your eye.  Perhaps you have a small piece of natural-fiber clothing or household item that you can no longer use and it would be meaningful for you to weave it into our community project.  Maybe you would like to write a message or wish on a piece of bark that will be released by the winds and weather out into the universe.  Do a little research on what winter birds like to eat or use in their nests and be creative in your thinking when imagining how you will attach it to our art project!  The possibilities are limitless!

Bonny would like each participant (parents, too!) to research one bird that stays for our long Vermont winters and be prepared to tell the group a few things about the bird that you have chosen.  Keep an eye out on your walks and hikes this week to collect things that you would like to weave into our community art project.  We hope to see you Thursday at 1:30!

This is a labor intensive project.  Since we will be chiseling, drilling, and possibly sawing, everyone should consider bringing their own protective gear.  Safety glasses and work gloves are probably good ideas!  Bonny and Reid will have hot cider and would love it if friends brought healthy snacks to share.

Bonny’s contact info:, 483-2441.

Please leave a comment to RSVP for this co-op!  Thank you.

For more information, check out this great blog post about Earth Looms!


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