Geocaching Update

Hi everyone!  Here’s an update from Trish and Jen, who led the session:

Thank you to all the children and parents who participated in our geocaching co-op session last Thursday.  We certainly had a lot of fun and hope you did as well.

The cache that we hid was too close to the one we found, so we had to move it.  We tried to keep it in the same general vicinity, but we were unable to find the same type of hiding place (“between a rock and a hard place”).  The new name is “Cache Some Air” and the description can be found at this link.

Somebody found it as soon as it was listed!

Now, the next time you visit Pine Hill Park, you can try to find our new location!

Thank you Trish and Jen, for leading us on this fun adventure!  I am not sure what is in store for next week, but I hope to firm up a plan in the next few days.  Hopefully we’ll have good weather and we can have another outdoor adventure.

Just in case anyone is interested, we had eight families with 15 kids participating!  A very nice group!




3 thoughts on “Geocaching Update

  1. We have added the geocache to our “Watch” list on the site so we are receiving emails when someone finds it!! such fun!!


  2. We just received word that the “Travelbug” we placed in the geocache is on its way too – it has already traveled to New York! If anyone would like to “Watch” its progress at geocaching its ID is TB61PZG


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