Co-op:: Geocaching

This week’s co-op will meet at Pine Hill Park in Rutland.  Please meet us at the entrance to the park at 1:30.  Also, if you plan to come, please leave a comment on this post.   This will serve as “signing up” for the time being!

At our co-op meeting we are going to explore the world of Geocaching by locating an existing geocache and then creating one of our very own!

What is geocaching? Geocaching is like a modern day treasure hunt. (This is a link to a short video.)

How does it work? People hide caches all over the world (there are more than 100 within Rutland alone) and then post the coordinates and clues on the Geocache website ( You then head out with a handheld gps (or a smartphone) and attempt to locate the cache. Once found, you sign the logbook and then leave a note on the website. Sometimes, there are small items in the cache, such as keychains, stickers, or little toys. Custom requires that if you take something from the cache you leave something of equal or greater value. That’s it!

In addition to finding a cache, we will be creating our very own. This will require us to find a good location, note the coordinates, develop a clue and apply to Once our cache is accepted, we will be able to monitor it, both physically and virtually. It would be great if the kids could spend some time thinking about what they want to contribute to the cache. Remember, it has to be small enough to fit in a rubbermaid container with the rest of them.

Materials: Good footwear; a couple of small trinkets if you want (one to leave in the found cache and one the contribute to our cache); if you have a handheld gps (no need to buy one for this); sense of adventure.

Resources: – if you are not already registered as a family, you may want to register ahead of time (it’s free!) so you can log your first cache, but is certainly not necessary. We will register as a group to log the cache we hide.

See you on Thursday!  (and don’t forget to “sign up”!)


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