Post-September-parent meeting ramblings

Hi everyone,

So, we had a parents meeting last night, and it was great!  A few representatives of Odyssey of the Mind were there to give us an introduction to that program, and it looks fantastic.  If there are people that are interested in creating one or more Odyssey teams, I know that there are people that would like to be involved.  Considering that each team is made of 5-7 kids, we could conceivably have more than one team in this area.  Stay tuned, and make your preferences known!

We set a date for the Coolidge Estate field trip.  We’ll be going on Wednesday, October 15, beginning at 10 am.  I need to know if your family is interested, and if they are, how many adults and how many kids will be there.  The cost is $7 per adult, and $2 per child.

There is a park day scheduled for tomorrow (Sept 16) at the Meadow St. playground.  I know some families are planning to attend, but may not arrive at the very beginning (1 pm).  Some patience may be needed!  But it does look like a nice day for the playground.

In co-op news – we had a great meeting last week.  We played some fun group games, and have lots more where those came from!  The plan for the next session was confirmed.  We will do geocaching as our first co-op activity!  Please join us at the front entrance of Pine Hill Park in Rutland on Thursday, Sept 25, at 1:30 pm (and this could change to 1 pm, so check the calendar or check for an updated post closer to the date to make sure!).  If you do want to attend, please leave a comment at the end of this post with the name of the family, number of kids and number of adults, so that we can plan accordingly and know who to wait for.  And stay tuned, we will have a post dedicated to preparing for that activity in the next few days.

On a related note – we felt that in order to prepare best for a co-op session, the person who is leading will write up a short bit of information to be posted on this website about the activity and what to expect.  It will also let you know if there is anything you should bring or whether there is any cost involved.  There may be times when we include informative links or anything you might want to read or look at to prepare for the activity.  I think things will go most smoothly if we all know what to expect and what is expected of participants!  I’m really excited for all the fun things we’ve got planned as a group.

I guess that’s all for now.  Stay tuned for co-op updates and news of other fun things going on!


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