Park Days

Hi everyone,

We had a great time at the Not Back to School picnic yesterday.  It was a nice sized group with kids of a range of ages, and everyone seemed to enjoy the games and playing as a group.  It was nice to see some new faces and make new friends!  Everyone agreed that Wednesday afternoons are a great time for us to gather and while the weather is good, we thought weekly park days would be fun for all of us.  I have put them on the event calendar through October.  I put 1-4 pm just because I needed to pick times, but obviously people are free to show up whenever and stay as long as they want.  Since everyone (now) knows the location of the Meadow Street playground, and because it’s a nice sized park for our group, we though continuing to meet there would be ideal. 

See you next Wednesday!


2 thoughts on “Park Days

  1. Hi there! We plan on being there this Thursday (the 25th)! What would we need to bring for geocaching? Thanks, Lisa Williams, & clyde & Rowan


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