Anybody up for a really sweet field trip?

I had a few errands in downtown Rutland today, and my husband asked me to come home with something sweet for him.  So, I stopped in to the Vermont Truffle store, which I hadn’t been in before.  While waiting, I noticed that you could watch some of what was going on in the production space, and also noticed that there is a lot of space there.  I thought it might make for an interesting field trip.  I asked the person who came out to help me (he had been making the chocolates before that) and he was very enthusiastic about the idea.  He gave me his card and said to email to make arrangements.  He said he would talk a little about the history of chocolate, where it comes from, how it is made, etc.  Sounds great to me!

So, let me know if you are interested, and I will set it up!

In case anyone wants to know, they sold bars of chocolate, molded chocolates, clusters, bagged chips, and truffles.  They seemed to have a lot of dark and very little milk, along with some white.  The dark chocolate with cranberries looked very yummy, so maybe I will have to get some if we take a trip there!


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